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Landscape Design

Landscape design is the art and science of planning and arranging outdoor spaces in a way that creates a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable environment.
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Landscape Installation

Landscape installation involves the physical implementation of the design plan, including the installation of plants, hardscaping elements, irrigation systems, and other landscape features.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance involves ongoing care and management of a property’s outdoor space, including tasks such as mowing, pruning, fertilizing, pest control, and irrigation system maintenance.

Design / Installation


Landscape design is a process that involves careful planning and consideration of various factors to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. We begin with an initial consultation, where our designer gathers information about your goals, preferences, and budget.

Next, we conduct a site analysis to assess the site’s soil type, drainage, sun exposure, and other site-specific factors that may influence the design. Based on the site analysis and your input, our designer develops a conceptual plan that includes hardscape elements, such as walkways, patios, and retaining walls, as well as plant selections and other features, such as water features or outdoor lighting.

The conceptual plan is then refined and revised as needed, with input from you, until a final design is approved. Once the final design is complete, our designer creates a detailed plan that includes plant placement, irrigation systems, and other specifications needed for installation.

We can provide landscape design services, working closely with you to create a custom design that meets their specific needs and preferences. With a well-designed outdoor space, you can enhance the beauty, functionality, and value of your property while enjoying the benefits of a sustainable and low-maintenance landscape.

Landscape Installation

Landscape installation involves the physical implementation of the landscape design plan. It includes the installation of all the hardscaping elements, such as walkways, patios, retaining walls, water features, and outdoor lighting. Additionally, it includes the installation of the plant materials specified in the design plan, such as trees, shrubs, flowers, and grasses.

The first step of the installation process involves preparing the site, which includes grading the soil, installing drainage systems, and laying the foundation for hardscape elements. Next, the hardscape elements are installed, including the creation of walkways, patios, and retaining walls, as well as the installation of water features and outdoor lighting.

After the hardscape elements are complete, the planting process begins. Plants are carefully placed in the designated areas according to the design plan, with attention paid to the plant’s specific needs for soil, sunlight, and water. Finally, an irrigation system is installed to ensure that the newly planted landscape receives adequate water.

We are equipped with the necessary equipment, materials, and expertise to complete landscape installation efficiently and effectively. By hiring a JGM Landscaping for installation, property owners can ensure that their outdoor space is installed correctly, with attention paid to every detail of the design plan, resulting in a beautiful and sustainable landscape that enhances the property’s value and curb appeal.


Weekly Lawn Care

Weekly lawn care is an essential aspect of maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn. It involves regular mowing, watering, fertilizing, and weed control to ensure that the grass stays healthy and green throughout the growing season.

Mowing should be done weekly during the growing season, with the grass cut to the recommended height for the specific grass species. Proper watering is also critical to lawn health, with regular, deep watering to encourage deep root growth and reduce the risk of drought stress.

Fertilizing and weed control are also crucial components of weekly lawn care. Fertilizer should be applied every 6-8 weeks, with the specific type and amount of fertilizer used dependent on the soil type, grass species, and other factors. Weed control is also essential, with regular application of herbicides to prevent the growth of weeds and unwanted plants in the lawn.

JGM Landscaping can provide weekly lawn care services, including mowing, fertilization, and weed control, to ensure that the lawn stays healthy and vibrant throughout the growing season. With regular care, property owners can enjoy a lush and beautiful lawn that enhances the property’s value and curb appeal.

Bed Maintenance

Bed maintenance is a critical aspect of keeping your landscaping looking its best. It involves regular weeding, pruning, and mulching to ensure that the plants in your garden beds stay healthy and vibrant.

Weeding is an essential task for bed maintenance, as it removes unwanted plants that compete for nutrients and space. Regular weeding also prevents weeds from going to seed, which can help to control their growth in the future.

Pruning is also an important part of bed maintenance, as it helps to control the size and shape of plants in the garden bed. This can help to prevent overgrowth and improve the overall appearance of the garden.

Mulching is the final step in bed maintenance and helps to retain moisture in the soil, suppress weed growth, and provide nutrients to the plants. Mulch also adds an attractive finishing touch to the garden bed.

JGM Landscaping can provide regular bed maintenance services, including weeding, pruning, and mulching, to keep your garden beds healthy and vibrant throughout the growing season. With regular care, your garden can be a beautiful and attractive feature of your landscaping that enhances your property’s value and curb appeal.

Seasonal Clean-Ups

Seasonal clean-ups are an important aspect of landscape maintenance that helps to prepare your property for the changing seasons. In the fall, leaf removal is a critical task to prevent the buildup of dead leaves on your lawn and in your garden beds, which can lead to lawn disease and inhibit plant growth.

During the winter months, snow removal and ice management are important tasks to keep your property safe and accessible. This includes plowing snow from driveways and parking lots, shoveling sidewalks, and salting to prevent slips and falls.

In the spring, a thorough clean-up of your property can help to prepare for the growing season. This includes removing debris and dead plants from garden beds, pruning trees and shrubs, and preparing soil for planting.

Summer clean-ups may involve tasks such as mowing and trimming the lawn, maintaining garden beds, and controlling weed growth.

JGM Landscaping can provide comprehensive seasonal clean-up services to keep your property in top condition throughout the year. With regular maintenance and clean-up, your landscaping can be a beautiful and inviting space that enhances the beauty and value of your property.

Ornamental Tree and Shrub Pruning

Ornamental tree and shrub pruning is a crucial aspect of landscape maintenance that helps to promote the health, appearance, and longevity of your trees and shrubs. Proper pruning techniques can remove dead, diseased, or damaged branches, improve the structure and shape of the plant, and encourage new growth and blooming.

Pruning is also important for safety reasons, as it can remove overgrown branches that may pose a hazard to people or property. Additionally, regular pruning can help to prevent the spread of diseases or pests that can harm the plant and surrounding vegetation.

Professional landscaping companies have the expertise and tools to properly prune trees and shrubs, taking into account the specific needs and characteristics of each plant. With regular pruning, your ornamental trees and shrubs can thrive and enhance the beauty and value of your property for years to come.

Seasonal Color

Seasonal color is a popular way to add vibrant and dynamic elements to your landscape design. With seasonal color, annual plants are used to create a changing and evolving display of blooms and foliage throughout the year. This can include flowers, shrubs, and other plantings that are selected for their ability to thrive in specific seasons and weather conditions.

Professional landscaping companies can help you choose the right plants and design a seasonal color scheme that complements your existing landscape and personal style. They can also provide regular maintenance and updates to ensure that your seasonal color remains fresh and beautiful throughout the year.

Adding seasonal color to your landscape not only enhances its visual appeal but can also create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for your home or business. With a variety of plant options to choose from, seasonal color can help you achieve the look and feel you desire for your outdoor space.

Turf Weed Management

Turf weed management is an essential component of lawn care that involves the prevention and control of unwanted weeds in your turfgrass. Weeds can be unsightly and can also compete with desirable grasses for nutrients, water, and sunlight, leading to an unhealthy and unattractive lawn.

Professional landscaping companies can provide effective turf weed management services that include pre-emergent herbicide applications, post-emergent herbicide treatments, and hand weeding techniques. These services can help control the growth and spread of common weeds such as dandelions, clover, and crabgrass, while promoting the health and growth of your grass.

Regular turf weed management not only improves the appearance of your lawn but can also prevent the spread of weeds to neighboring properties. With the help of JGM Landscaping, you can enjoy a healthy and vibrant lawn that is free of unsightly and unwanted weeds.

Power Washing

Power washing, also known as pressure washing, is a process of cleaning exterior surfaces using a high-pressure water spray. It is an effective and efficient way to remove dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and other unsightly stains from a variety of surfaces such as concrete, brick, wood, and vinyl.

Professional landscaping companies often offer power washing services as a part of their exterior cleaning services. These services can include the cleaning of sidewalks, driveways, patios, decks, fences, and even the exterior of your home or building.

Power washing can not only improve the appearance of your property but can also help maintain the longevity of your exterior surfaces. Regular cleaning can prevent the buildup of harmful substances that can cause damage or deterioration over time.


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